So then! 
How not to come across as
a total egotistical, splendid 
potato-head, which I am, and you feeling that you need to send me the last edition of Narcissus ASAP? 

My name is Paloma-Claire EGUIAGARAY,  
(pronounced Smith) (HaHa!)
Please note that, I was the only kid of my class not being able to write her full name.
Hence =  I thought there was something wrong with me = Developed a vague inferiority complex = Reality check =  I just had the bloody hardest name of them all, for Pete's sake! =
Conclusion = Life is silly sometimes. 
Paloma means dove in Spanish. (See the dove on my HomeBizz page)
I am the ONLY Canadian-born in my, otherwise, entire European family. Even my only bro was born in Paris. My mom is from France and my dad was from Spain. They eloped to marry in London (how romantic) and yadi yadi da lidada, I was born in the North of Quebec, Canada.
I grew up with all the necessary family dysfunctional behaviours between the triangle of Quebec, France and Spain and I am simply very, very grateful
that it wasn't the Bermuda triangle. Just saying.

All my IDs clearly state that I am fifty thr... I mean… 36 years old (silly me!) but Cruella De Vie keeps pointing at the fact that I appear to still be stuck at 14. 

I have 2 kids that are moi-DNA (poor things!!) born and raised in Vancouver, BC, and I was such an incredibly lucky-puppy to have 3 more come into my life. So 2 from my tummy and 3 from my heart, makes it a grand total of five: 4 girls and the baby one, LE boy.
Trillium, Juniper, Marie, Zoe and Julz. They are all grown up now - damn it, beautiful (for real! Check the pix!) and rumbling through their own lives.
I will crazy-adore them all until I croak and I would die for any of them in a blink of an oeil
Although I do realize that that's a pretty corny, silly thing to say, really. WHO KNOWS what would go through my head when face-to-(kind of)face with
Mr. Death Knight Ghost Lord Sir? I mean... Seriously, people! Have you had a good look at that mighty-big, don't-fart-around scythe of his?!!

I desperately WANT to think that I am a great, great MaMa, and therefore, I'll just keep maintaining that I'd look straight into his burning eyes' sockets and sayyyyy: "So? Do you feel lucky, PUNK?"  (Haha! Sorry. Sorry. Just couldn't resist the Dirty Harry joke!)
No. No. No. OK. Ok. I got it. I got it.  I'm pretty sure I'd say something in the lines of:
"Go ahead you big ugly, not-Chanel-smelling-thing: make my last day. That silly little scythe of yours doesn't scare me one little crumb, 'cause my dad's one is twice as big as yours. I'm here to save my little one's life and you won't see me flinch an inch. 

Yahhhh! That is e-xa-kahh-tahh-lly what I would say. Sounds good, hey??! Would scare him a bit, you think??!
But, really, there is no way to tell if I would chicken out or not... I'd have to go through it at least once, just to see if I would lose my nerve(s) or not.
I'll get back to you with that one, one day and let you know whahapen.

"Paloma, you are so bloody wild, you'll never die."
"When you walk into a room, the walls move away."
"You are the best mom, mom."

And so I am asking you: how on earth could I resist  being such a pompous azz and not be fabulously brilliant when I am told such awesome stuff?

Do big, bold, public sculptures.
Get at least ONE city farm done in Vancouver before I say Aurevoir to this world. I only need a few millions for that one. Anyyyyone?!?
[Note: Please. Do NOT start me on city farming. You'll never get out of here. Just know that city farming is the UBEST, COOLEST CONCEPT EVERRRR!]
Live on a huge plot with ALL the people I love and be merry an happy until I say Sayonara to this world.
Yes. You have noticed it. It's just that I haven't decided yet if I'll go French or Japanese (I thought I'd through a bit of an unexpecting element to my family, just for fun) on my last dying word. I'll do some deep thinking on that one.

I was on my way back-packing to Fiji, when my friend insisted that we'd stop in Vancouver for a week or so. I crotchetedly (Well, not MY fault that English doesn't have proper adverbs!!!) agreed, just to make her happy. She did stayed only a coupled of weeks and left. But I never did: Vancouver has been my home for over 30 years and that is where I learn all this amazing English presently displayed on this page. Please kindly excuse any inadvertent grammar confusions or otherwise boo-boos. Just give me another 30 years and I'll be perfect...
I was lucky enough to fall in love with the most wonderful man alive on this planet: Don. He is on my list of the 10 best things that has ever happen to me in my life. I came into fairly big money and bought us a home ($340,000 that I paid cash). We renovated it for 10 years and finished it completely literally, the day we sold it for almost a million. But I got greedy and it bit me back real good. 

We did our best to stay afloat with the ups and downs of the girls' teen lives while home-schooling our youngest full-time.
We had huge, best birthday parties, I gardened a lot, I taught my son how to read, we were all healthy and I was as worry-free as I could be. Those were my most amazingly best years; we were very, very happy. 
We then bought a restaurant: don't ask me why, I have not a clue. It was never a dream of mine to have a restaurant. But anywhowhoo, we did. Those were the years that grinded us all to the ground. Then it was recession time and we got hit with, I won't say by bad luck, but by brutal no-luck-at-all.
As Homer Simpson sings: "bad luck is better than no-luck-at-all". I could have done with just some bad luck....

So it went that I lost everything. The restaurant, the house, all my savings, my health and my wonderful 26 years relationship with Don went kaputt...
A tad scary, l must say. Finding myself at 50 and empty-handed, in more than one way, almost threw me over the edge. 
And yes. I seriously came close to throwing myself under a bus a couple of times.
But, the image of my kids gave me the strength to stay put on that side-walk, watch one more bus ride by, turn around and walk away to see
if I could face yet, one more day.

Looks like I did. One day at the time, Charlie Brown... .
I had to re-invent my life, from almost ground zero. I do not wish this upon my enemies, that I don't I have,  because it is no mucho fun AT ALL..
I ended up leaving for India of all places, where my mom lives. Mom put a lot of time, patience, love, patience, money, patience and efforts and patience to get me physically back on my feet and mentally back in my head: I was a mess turned nasty. 
I started doing an hour and half of gentle Hata yoga, 6 to 7 days a week and go for longer and longer walks as I got stronger. After a few months I was deambulating (well it isn't because that word is obsolete that it will stop me from using it, does it now? (Walking aimlessly)) through Mumbai streets for 3 to 7 hours every day. I lost an incredible amount of weight (85 pounds) very rapidly (less than 4 months) and that was the best thing ever, I must say.
I lost my life but I got thin. Deal! 85 ponds thinner was glory on Earth except for when I came back home and people were not recognizing me even when starring at me. That was a bit weird, but heck! For 85 pounds, I'll pay that price any day of my life.

It also happen, that I quite inadvertently and very unexpectedly fell in love with a great Indian man, and so, I have been living between Canada and India for the last few years re-organizing the ABCs of my life, figuring out where I am going and what other surprises life has in store for me.
This is where I am now, in Goa, South of India, on my new adventure. The Vida Loca.

I am setting up my Online Network Marketing HomeBizz, as never, never, NEVER again will I have a bizz that ties me down anywhere in this wonderful world and I don't care if it is Paradise.
I am planning to make **BIGBIG** money (I have LOTS of amazing plans!) no matter where I am, no matter what I am doing and only when I want. 

And there you have it! Cheers!
My life story in 5 minutes and 48 seconds flat. I thought I would spare you the 2 hrs and 73 minutes version.


  • I speak French, Spanish, English and Sign Language and I almost know enough Hindi to buy my onions now. 
  • Sometimes I am an artist - I am into sculpting.  
  • Sometimes I am a teacher - I love to teach languages and fine arts to kids and although I have no teaching certifications,
    I will not so humbly say, that I am a mighty good one!
  • Sometimes I am a graphic designer - I worked for Electronic Arts and I won't mention that I was fired and that I am still pissed about it, 25 years later.
  • Sometimes I am an entrepreneur - I start things that I am interested in and see where it takes me.
  • I was very involved in home-schooling for several years and started many very successful home-schooling programs.
  • I bite my nails but have stopped long, long ago to eat my boogers.
  • I suck at talking with an Texan accent.
  • I am not into fashion whatsoever. I am sure you have noticed this on my pix.
  • Consequently, my old, old jeans and my old, old T-shirts are my best buddies.
  • I am into learning all about the subliminal mind right now.
  • I am very caring and loving person and the people I dislike know it immediately.
  • I am rather on the marginal side of life and not quite your typical 53 years old...
  • Some commercials make me cry.
  • My fortes are Languages and Psychology. My worst subject is Math.
  • My moto is: 'Live and let live'. And so, as long as I try really, really hard not to hurt others, I do as I am and as I want.
  • I realized long, long ago that it is impossible to please everyone at all times and that at the end of the lolly-pop, I can only be who I am.
  • I am a fast reader, read an impressive amounts of books and remember very little of what I read.
  • I am uber smart and incredibly ignorant.
  • I can have a chocolate box sitting on my kitchen counter for months and months without it calling my name.
  • I am, in the other hand, incapable of making a Bechamel sauce without eating it ALL before it even gets to the table. To this I had brilliantly thought that if I made a double-recipe, then logically, half of it would saved and would make it to the table.
    WRONG! I still eat the ENTIRE double-recipe and still have to start a new one from scratch... Live and learn.
  • I am atheist, but believe that all have the right of their religions and belief systems - as long as it respect others.
  • I do not like to be preached on and I hate to be told what to do. 
  • I love science but I don't get it.
  • And finally, but most importantly, I believe that life is worth living if you have home-made blackberry jelly in your cupboards.

I am leaving you with a fun little video clip where you will find out yet,
another one of my silly - and a tad bizarre, I admit, idiosyncrasy. 
This was shot in Small Vagator, Goa, INDIA


Yep! Agreed. 
India isn't the best country choice for me, is it !??!!