I got my very first smart phone, the Galaxy 4, back in Sept 2014.
Although I was thrilled by its many features, the one that grabbed me real good was, embarrassingly enough, the app ‘Paper Artist’.
We all had our little fun with those ‘filters’ that we apply over our pictures to turn them cartoony, or into oil paintings, sketches or whatever, whatever… Right? Yep! They sure are fun alright. The thing is that I realllllyyyyyyyyy got into it.
I was bed-ridden at the time, [thank you Universe for your so ever perfect timing] so I did have a few free hours to heuuu.. experiment.  Okay. May the Almighty forgive me once more; I spent days and days and even more days playing with it. And yes, although I may feel vaguely conscience-stricken, strangely enough, I do not carry a pinch of guilt. 
Mr. Letmeguiltyoumydearchild worked its darn best at making me feel shitty about it, but I did splendidly at ignoring him entirely. While it is true that dishes should be done, and my book pile was not been read, one should NEVER ignore creativity when it hits them on the head. Right? RIGHT?
And so, I discovered this cool trick - by a fluke really, that I could go back and forth with the filters layers, and end up with won't-you-believe-it? some kind of interesting and somewhat nifty little effects! I was hooked.
One thing for sure, is that if these pieces were done in Photoshop - or any similar program, they would mean absolutely zilch. Creation possibilities are limitless with programs that have tool lists as long as my arm. But cell phone tool lists are a very different story. 
Check out what I got to work with:
1 pencil – 3 sizes
1 brush – 3 sizes
1 eraser – 3 sizes
2 pre-set filters (I don't even get to choose them!)
Annnnd that’s about it, boys and girls!
This falls into the ‘ridicreously-limited-genre’.
As IF that wasn't tricky enough, get this: once you "save" a piece, that is it: you can NOT reopen it. It’s locked. Period. And don't you go thinking that I am being a techno-peasant and I don't know how, because I do know how. So what this means is that you have a 1 time shot at a piece and that is basically it. You can NOT retouch, refix, redo nada. You can NOT even leave it and come back to it later. That means no pee breaks, no answering the phone and a few:  “It’s grab-whatever-you-want-for-dinner-night-honey!”, which is, let’s not kid ourselves here, a step-down from soup and sandwich nights.
So it certainly has its little intense side to it and definitely requires some focuuuussss and insane patience. Oh! And you can't let something like severe cases of crossed eyes bother you much, as some took me well over 5 hrs to do.
All this to say, that I understand and know that they are nothing-out-of-this-world and no need to call Pablo about it, but I just thought that they were maybe wicked enough to be shared.
I am sure that I’ll make some new ones one of these days, and hopefully not be bed ridden and therefore have other models beside moi.
So if you liked them well enough, drop by once in a while to check out new creations!